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Test Format

In this task, the test takers have to write an essay comprising 200-300 words on a specific topic. The time given for this task is 20 minutes. Make sure your essay does not exceed the upper limit of 300 words; similarly, it should not be lesser than the bottom limit of 200. The page on the computer screen also has a word counter and you can check the word count as you write sentences.

You page on computer screen also displays options of cut, copy and paste. You can use them for adjusting your sentences. The editing options can be used with the help of left-click.

Useful Tips


Opening statement is an important part of your essay. Usually, you are given a topic that requires an agreement or disagreement with a statement such as: It is essential for all students to learn art and music in schools. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? OR Reading fiction is more advantageous than watching movies. Do you agree or disagree?

There isn’t any restriction to take a side but you have to clearly present your stance in 2 to 3 sentences in the beginning. Rest of the essay is your argument in support of your stand.


If the essay topic is a long statement, it may confuse you to understand the actual topic. The best solution is to mark the keywords in the statement given to you and focus your attention on these words to develop your arguments. This way you will also respond to the actual topic and will not deviate from it.


As a general rule for writing an essay, you should select solid arguments in support of your stand. Place each argument logically and draw a conclusion too. It will make your essay logical and comprehensive.

Grammar and Spellings

You must keep in mind that this test is meant to evaluate your writing skills. Hence, construction of sentences, vocabulary and spellings must be correct to make sure maximum score.

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