Writing: Summarize the Written Text

Test Format

It is one of the most difficult portions of PTE Academic that tests the reading and writing skills of the exam takers. You are given a passage to read and then you have to summarize the passage in one sentence comprising 5-75 words in 10 minutes. A sentence longer than 75 words or lesser than 5 words is awarded zero score. The test takers have also the options of cut, copy and paste with the help of left-click.

The sentence written by you as summary should contain all the important points of the passage in a clear, simple and appealing language. It needs your utmost attention to include all main points in a sentence and make it expressive and grammatically correct.

Useful Tips

You Need to Write ONE Sentence

When you finish your task, make sure that it is ONE single sentence you have written, beginning with a capital letter. More than one sentence will be awarded zero.

Check the Word Count

Your computer screen displays a word count counter right below the passage given to you to summarize. Check the word count and strictly keep it with the given limit i. e. 5-75 words. The test takers cannot exceed this limit.

Compound and Complex Sentence

Develop your skills for writing compound as well as complex sentences. The reason is that you have to mention all important points of a passage in one sentence. Only a longer sentence that is usually a compound or complex can accommodate more than one or two ideas. This test examines primarily your writing skills; hence you should have a command over creating grammatically correct structures. Moreover, your sentence should not have any incorrect spellings.

Avoid Copying from the Given Text

Though you have the option of copying from the text but do not exercise it this option. Create your own sentence without taking any words from the original text.

Avoid Grammatical Mistakes

A grammatically correct sentence will surely impress the examiners. Therefore recheck the sentence at least twice to ensure full score.

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