Summarize the Spoken Text

Test Format

This listening module of PTE Academic consists of an audio recording. The test takers have to write a summary of the spoken text in minimum 50 words and not more tha 70 words. The time allowed to complete the task is 10 minutes. The recording is placed only once and runs automatically. The test takers cannot replay it.

The computer screen displays a box for writing the summary. As you start writing, you can see the word count below the box. You have also options of cut, copy and paste, given at the bottom of the box. You can use these options to re-construct your summary.

Useful Tips

Focus your attention on the Spoken Text

The very first tip to write the summary of the spoken text is to be fully attentive to the recording and understand clearly what is being spoken. If you lose your concentration, you may lose the text or a part of it. As a result you cannot write the summary, having all points.

Take Notes

Take your notes while listening to the recording. Note the main idea and the supporting arguments. They will be useful in creating the summary of the spoken text.

Re-create All Important Points

While writing down the summary use your notes and bring all the important points including the main idea. Make sure also that you put ideas in the logical sequences as you they were spoken in the recording. Remember if you miss the main point or misrepresent the supporting arguments, it will award you zero.


Write summary in the format of a passage and not in disjointed sentences with bullets. Use punctuation wherever necessary.

Grammar and Spellings

Language accuracy is the essential part of your summary. Be careful about grammatical errors, spellings and punctuation. Your summary having mistakes will fail to obtain score.

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