Select from the List

Test Format

This section is almost similar to that of ‘Fill in the Blanks with Drag and Drop Option’. The test takers are given a passage, having gaps in the text and each gap has a list of words. The test takers have to select a word from the list and click it to fill the gap. If they want to change it, they can use left-click option to select another option. This is the reason the test is named after the list of words. The prime objective is to check the reading comprehension of the test takers.

Useful Tips

Follow the Main Idea

To locate the exact missing words of the passage, it is necessary for the test takers to follow the main idea of the passage. Skimming through the passage will help them to find out the right word for the blank and save themselves from losing marks. Read the following paragraph that is written of pollution. Of you succeed in discovering its main idea; it will help you immensely to fill up the gaps with a right option.

Population actually stands for imbalance in ___________. The air we breathe in is polluted with the smoke that comes from homes, factories and vehicles. Water is an essential human need. Unfortunately, it is getting polluted with the waste that comes from domestic and factory wastes. Loud ___________ is another irritant in the environment that pollutes it.

Homes noise
Atmosphere Music
Ambience Traffic
Impression Sound

Select a Word that Best Fits the Blank

Every word in the text is its essential part and can’t be easily replaced. When the text has gaps to be filled with options, the test takers needs to careful in choosing a word and try their level best to take an option that best suits the text. The optional words often look similar and it is difficult to select one from them. The best solution is to place the word in the blank and read the text before and after the selected word. It will help you to trace the exact missing word.

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