Retell Lecture

Test Format

This section comprises both listening and speaking. The test takers first listen to a lecture. As the lectures ends up, they are given 10 seconds to organize their thoughts and then the microphone is on, giving them a causation to start speaking and repeat the lecture in 40 seconds.

In both listening to the lecture and recalling it, the prime objective is to evaluate the test takers’ ability to comprehend the language structures and re-create them in their own words. Hence, familiarity with the correct pronunciation and skill to speak grammatically correct, natural, smooth and fluent English is appreciated.

Useful Tips

Notes Taking

When the speaker starts lecture, you should note the main points of his lecture. Do not waste time in copying complete sentences. Only jotting the main points is enough that can help you in your repetition of the lecture. Do not miss to note facts and figures as they can best support your speaking.

Avoid Pauses & Hesitation

Along with listening comprehension, this portion of the PTE Academic tests the candidates’ command of spoken English. Thus the candidates should speak without pauses and hesitation and try their level best to speak fluently and confidently.

Be careful about Grammar & Pronunciation

Your command of language structures and pronunciation pays you a lot. Be careful about grammatical errors, wrong pronunciation and slipshod. Another notable point is to be natural and unaffected in both intonation and pronunciation.

No Need to Repeat all Points

The lecture will comprise longer period of time than the time given to you for repetition. It means the test takers are not expected to give each and every detail of the lecture. They have just to give a brief summary of the contents. Hence, do not waste time in recalling and presenting the entire lecture rather move ahead with major points but ensure that you have covered all points.

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