Repeat Sentence

Test Format

In this section, the test takers listen to a sentence on audio tape and as it ends, they have to repeat the sentence, they heard, before the microphone. The audio is played once and cannot be repeated. When the test taker repeats the sentence, it is recorded.

This section of PTE Academic tests the candidate’s ability to comprehend a spoken text and repeat it in correct word sequence. Thus it evaluates their listening capability. The more clearly you understand the audio and understand phrases the more correctly you can say it again.

Useful Tips

Speak clearly

Speak as clearly as you can. Mixed up words, phrases and sentences will bring no credit to you.

Do not make hurry

It may result in losing your marks. The best way is to repeat the sentence calmly distinctly pronouncing the words and phrases, following the real pattern of words order.

Be careful about intonation patterns, pauses & stress

If you listen to the audio with concentration, you can understand what pauses, stresses and intonation pattern, the speaker has followed. This keen observation will prove greatly helpful for you to copy the sentence.

Pronounce phrases separately

If there is a sentence, ‘Next, week’s tutorial, on Tuesday, has been cancelled.’ It should be spoken with three distinct pauses, clearly indicating all the phrases used in it e.g. ‘Next, week’s tutorial/ on Tuesday/ has been cancelled.’

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