Reading: Multiple-Choice Choose Single Answer

Test Format

In this Reading task, the test takers are given a passage to comprehend and answer multiple choice questions. There may be more than one possible answer to the question but only one option is correct. The question form may be to complete a sentence or answer a question The test takers can use left click to select and deselect answer if they want to change their answer. The selected answer will flash in yellow.

Useful Tips

Concentrate on the Main Idea and Supporting Keywords

The prime objective of this test is to estimate your reading comprehension skills. When you read the given passage, you need to ensure that you understand the main idea and the arguments that support it. Similarly, concentrate the keywords in the question that point to particular piece of information. This will help you find out exactly what is the answer to the question.

Create a test model using the text and Q&A given below. Open the URL to see the model

Recent researches on global warming aim to give a global overview of Earth's temperatures. The period that began after the last major ice age almost 11,300 years before is known as the Holocene. It is known as a balmy period of the Earth’s atmosphere. With the passage of time, Earth’s temperature began to rise. All scientists agree that today’s global warming isn't natural, but is the outcome of carbon dioxide emissions that have rapidly grown since the Industrial Revolution began roughly 250 years ago. If not checked, the rising percentage of carbon dioxide gas can increase the Earth’s warming to alarming level.

The Earth's temperature has increased quickly since:
The Northern Hemisphere
The Holocene
The Industrial Revolution
1,500 years ago

Use your Own Knowledge to Guess the Answer

Read first the question and the options to select an answer before reading the passage. Guess the possible answer using your own knowledge and then make it confirmed reading the passage.

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