Re-order Paragraphs

Test Format

This Reading section requires the test takers to give an order to the jumbled sentences in the form of a paragraph. The computer screen displays a few text boxes having mixed up sentences. The total word count of the sentences is no more than 150 words. The correct adjacent text box awards 1 mark.

This test is meant to assess the candidates’ reading comprehension, vocabulary and understanding of the sentence structure as well as the capability to understand the chain of thought in the disorderly sentences. The test takers can select and drag the text boxes to the desired location with the help of left-click. For re-adjusting the selected sentences, the exam takers can also use up and down buttons. If they need to de-select a box, use left-click.

Useful Tips

Quick Reading

Quick reading of all the sentences will give you a general idea of the entire text and make your work easy. You can use this idea as a guideline for you organize the sentences.

Search for the Topic Sentence

A topic sentence contains an overall idea of the paragraph and is written usually in the form of statement. It does not have a pronoun or a linker that joins it to an earlier sentence. Try to find it out and place it in the beginning.

Comprehend the Logical Order

Remember the jumbled sentences are in fact broken parts of a logical, sequenced and intelligible paragraph. You need only to find out that sequence of thought and put the text boxes in order accordingly. The best help for you to you is to locate keywords while reading the text boxes. As the sentences are only few in numbers, you can read all of them twice and makeup your mind for their order. For this, keywords will prove immensely helpful to you.

Do not Get Confused Difficult Vocabulary

The sentences are usually very simple and there is hardly a difficult word used in the text. However, if you do not know the meaning of a word, try to guess it keeping in mind the other sentences.

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