Drag and Drop

Test Format

This test consists of ‘fill in the blanks’ format with the drag and drop option to complete the given passage. It assesses the test takers’ reading skills and ability to find out the natural relation between words (called collocation). At the bottom of the passage, the screen shows a few words to be filled in the blanks. They are more in number than the gaps. The test takers have to fill up the gaps with the help of these words. Some of these words will be left unused.

To fill up the gaps in the text, use left-click to drag words from the blue box given at the bottom of the passage and drop them in the gaps. You can also use the left-click to change the place of words, if not placed correctly.

Useful Tips

Learning Collocations

English collocations can best help you to do this test. A collocation stands for a phrase that has two or more words and has a natural relation among the words of that phrase; for example ‘a big mistake’, great excitement’, ‘a large scale’ etc.

The boys thought of a _________ plan. (wise)

English language has many collocations and learning them strengthens your language. It will also enable to easily recognize the right word to fill the gap in the passage.

Notice the Missing Parts of Speech

Sometimes, the gap in t passage requires a missing part of speech to complete it

You have to believe in __________ if you want success in life. (yourself)

Don’t Choose a Word Twice

Once you choose a word and drop it in the blank, don’t select it for any other blank rather choose from the rest of the words. This will make the task easy for you.

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