Describe Image

Test Format

In this section, an image is displayed on the computer screen and the test takers are given 25 seconds for the preparation of their response. They hear a peep, indicating that they should begin speaking and their voice is recorded. The screen also shows a recording bar that informs the candidates running of time. As the time is over, the recording button on the screen changes into ‘completed’. Describe image is one of the most significant modules after Retell lecture in speaking evaluation of PTE Academic and thus needs priority and concentration of the test takers.

Useful Tips

Start speaking after the beep

Wait for the beep and then start speaking. If you start before the beep, your voice will not be recorded and you will lose your marks. Finish your speech when the recording progress bar reaches the end. If you still continue, it will not be recorded.

Speak clearly

Avoid fast speech. It can garble your words and you may not be heard distinctly. Your focus should be on natural, distinct and clear speaking.

Pronunciation & fluency

These are two main things in your evaluation. Remember it is not the test of your knowledge about the image but of your ability to speak fluently in correct pronunciation.

Main Focus

Focus on language; its accuracy and fluency. You are not expected to go into each and every detail of the image shown to you. Only a general description is enough.

Organize your thoughts

The accuracy of the content of your thoughts does not matter but if you speak in an organized manner; beginning with the general information and then going for details, it is appreciated.

Time duration

The test takers are expected to speak for 25 seconds at minimum. It results to score 65+ marks, if they do not commit grammatical mistakes and mispronunciation. If somebody wants to obtain 79+, a 30 second speaking is must.

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