Answer Short Questions

Test Format

In this segment, the test takers are asked simple questions on different topics of common interest. The test takers have to answer the question in ONE or a few words. In total, there are 11 questions. The prompt length for each is 3 to 9 seconds while the test takers have 10 second to answer.

As the test begins, the audio begins on the computer screen. The test takers may also be given an image and ask a question. As the audio completes, recording gets on and no beep or any other caution is given to start speaking. There is only the recording bar moving on the screen. Thus answer the question immediately without wasting time before the recording bar reaches its point.

Useful Tips

Give a Prompt Answer

The test takers are expected to give answer to the question without any pause. If they do not speak for 3 seconds, the recording bar will stop and the computer screen will display ‘Completed’. It means you have lost your chance.

Do not take Pauses

If your answer is more than a word, you should continue speaking unless it finishes. Any pause in speech, of more than a second will mean that you are not able to complete your answer.

Press ‘Next’

When the ‘Recording Box’ displays the following words: ‘Current Status: Completed’, you should press ‘Next” for another question to complete this segment.

Avoid Longer Answers

Do not drag your answers to unnecessary length. Neither the time given to you nor the test requirement allows you to create lengthy answers. The instructions given to test takers before the beginning of this section clearly mention it. The basic criterion is to: ‘give simple and short answer in one or few words’.

Q. What is the place called where people go for games, and other physical exercise?

Answer: Gym
The place where people go for physical fitness is called gym.

All the above answers are correct but the first two are more appropriate than the last one which is unnecessary long.

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